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Rides & Events

Tuesday Night Zwift Ride (December to February, Excluding Holidays)

7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Online Via Zwift

Since Covid closed the in-person spin classes we've moved our winter training online. The online meetups become so popular we decided to make it a regular winter activity. You'll need a few things listed below to join us, but it's free, casual and entirely in the comfort of your own home. We set it up with a rubber band feature to ensure everyone stays together on the virtual ride regardless of your speed and intensity. We ride for approximately 1 hour and the course/ world rotate weekly. Check out Zwift online or come by the shop for a demo. 


Tuesday Road Group Ride (May to September)

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Parry Sound Bikes

The Tuesday Night Road Ride has been going since Parry Sound Bikes opened in 2013. Every year it grows, but the intent remains the same: to get a group of people together for a social ride on some of the best roads in the area.

Cancellation Policy: The ride may be postponed due to inclement or forecasted inclement weather. We will decide at 3pm the day of the ride whether it is postponed to the next day (Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.). If the ride is postponed, we will post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the event of inclement weather on Wednesday, the ride will be cancelled for the week.


Prologue Group: 20-25km route at under 25km/hour

This is a no drop group open to all cyclists on road, gravel, or hybrid bikes (including e-bikes). There will be lots of re-grouping and some instruction through out the ride.


Sportif Group: 35-45km route at 25-30km/hour (often 2 groups: 25km/hour and 28/hour)

This is a “re-group” ride, where we will re-group at major intersections and turns. Recommended for riders on road or gravel bikes (including e-bikes). The focus of the ride will be on covering kilometers with group riding etiquette and instruction throughout.


Echelon Group: 50-60km route at 30+km/hour

This is the “fast” group, and it is a drop group. Recommended for seasoned riders on road bikes. The aim of the ride is to go fast, ride in a cohesive group and maybe go after some Strava segments.



Thursday Night MTB Group Ride (June, July, August)

6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre (Nine Mile Lake Road)

Thursday evenings we meet up for a group mountain bike ride on the technical, single-track trails of the Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre. Due to the demanding nature of our local trails this ride is recommended for intermediate/ advanced riders on mountain bikes. This is a “re-group” ride, where we will re-group at major intersections and turns.

Cancellation Policy: The MTB Group Ride will go ahead if it’s raining, however it will be cancelled in the event of dangerous weather (lightning, high winds, etc.). We will decide at 3pm the day of the ride if it is cancelled and post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Saturday Morning Road Ride (July, August)

7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Parry Sound Bikes

The Saturday Morning Road Ride is a great way to kick off the weekend in Parry Sound. The aim of this ride is to get out early for a 2-hour ride with an average pace of 28-30km/hour. Recommended for road bikes, and riders who are comfortable riding in a group.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of inclement or dangerous weather the Saturday Morning Road Ride will be cancelled. We will post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter the morning if the ride if the ride is cancelled.



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